Donde esta la fiesta? Top of chops. Feel la musica.

Want to transcend the noise?  Turn your phone off, stick on CULT WITH NO NAME (aka CWNN).  Their fifth album, Above As Below is an uber-thinky, muy beautiful, neo-Frankfurt School platter (the Frankfurt school were a bunch of WWII academics championing the elite to progress culture).  Artwork is by a David Bowie design collaborator, Jonathan Barnbrook.

Singer of CWNN, Erik Stein looks like the guy in the poster for W.E. – the film by Madonna, released in London whilst her ex-hubby’s second tribute to opium-addled Sherlock still haunts the screens.

Feat. guest vocals by my dear pal Kelli Ali,  this is an intense album lightened with the dark humour of a true gothic heart.

There are about 14 tracks, and you can find samples on CD Baby, Last Fm, MySpace – or just buy it for less than a London travelcard on iTunes (and it’ll take you further, maaaaaan).  Updates on Facebook.

Out on Trakwerx, the production is all John Foxx-y synthy pianos but excels to filmic scores and twisted Andrew Eldritch-hooks; there are songs that get in your head, songs that take you to bed, songs that spread a smile like a Nightnurse med.   It’s an album that makes every second count, slows you down to bring you up.  Like a sunrise over an ocean.

Hard copies, I am assured, will be available soon.

Yup – they need a video…and I’m seeing them tomorrow – maybe we’ll go to the Paul Morley talk about dead heroes at the Southbank.  My book, which is nearly at completion (again, you yawn) has a bit of a dead rockstar theme…

My other music top chops at the mo are:

Keep a rockin your freeeeeee worlds, bludz.  x

And here’s a nice look in Barrio de las Lettras in Madrid.  

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