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Friday 24th August 2012, 11-5pm

Dear Friends,

I’m proud to present: AUTOMATONIKA E-GO E-ROTIKA DEMONIKA.  A short film about online existentialism.

Commissioned for Tracey Moberly’s Tweet Me Up show at the Tate Modern in London.

You can WATCH an exclusive preview here:

Love n Sweet Rebellion.  Kirsty Allison.

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‘TWEET-ME-UP!’ – Tate Tanks

‘TWEET-ME-UP!’ at The Tate Tanks by Tracey Moberly is a mass participation installation and exhibition generated by social networking sites. It is part of the UNDERCURRENT programme in the Tanks at Tate Modern on Friday August 24th. 11am-5pm. The artist will be delivering a talk on her work in the Tate 3-4pm.

TWEET-ME-UP!’ focuses on art, music, photography, words, short film and fashion. The theme explores Sub Culture/ Counter Culture – Undercurrent/Underground from numerous perspectives.

August 24th has been designated ‘International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination and Violence based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle and Code.” The day marks the death in 2007 of Sophie Lancaster, a Goth who died from injuries sustained by a gang targeting her and her boyfriend for their dress code and music preferences. TWEET-ME-UP!’ encourages contributions that celebrate subculture and the free expression of individuality.

Contributions have come from as far afield as Eastern Siberia, Uzbekistan, New Jersey, Haiti, Trinidad and Japan – along with many parts of the U.K. Well known names are juxstaposed with the new, such as ex-Cabaret Voltaire’s Stephen Mallinder with his collective Wrangler; The Pop Group’s Mark Stewart now part of the New Banalists; the Human League and Heaven 17’s Martyn Ware in an instagram collaboration with his daughter Elena; TV presenter and journalist Kirsty Allison; Damian Alban’s African Express co-founder Steve Budd; Blur’s Ex-manager and Teardrop Explodes Dave Balfe to name a few. In the cross-platform work duos and acting debuts’ feature unexpected roles for the unlikely, from Captain Sensible to Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s Eggsy.

The digitally received works, photos, sounds and statements will be projected into the the Tate’s cavernous new space creating an evolving multi-media installation. Live art will be streamed in through Twitter Instagram and SMS text on the day. A list of contributors and the countries they are from is available.

‘TWEET-ME-UP!’ follows on from the artist, activist & author’s work Text-Me-Up! which has become a multifaceted book. Tracey Moberly has used over 2,500 photographs and images and documents the growth of the SMS (short message service) and MMS (multimedia messaging service) eras which has resulted in her saving every text message and phone image she has ever been sent since 1999. Text-Me-Up! It documents the start of the social media revolution beginning with the text message and the unique digital DNA text timeline of one person’s received messages. It concludes with the emergent importance of other media such as Twitter – prior to the Arab Spring – as Tracey focuses on Haiti immediately after her visit to Port-au-Prince just prior to the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

Tracey co-owned the Foundry in Shoreditch, East London for over a decade. In the book she details many events that took place with her there. The many artists from Banksy and YBA members to people putting up their first exhibitions at The Foundry are documented along with the many photographers, musicians, performers and film makers who were also a part of this.

Where Text-Me-Up! offers up a slice of social history and popular culture from the last decade. TWEET-ME-UP! focuses on 2012 and the new communication technologies and behaviours engendered with the advent of social media.


07951 608787 facebook: Tracey Moberly twitter: Traceytm Instagram: Traceytm For information on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation Charity


For information on UNDERCURRENTS @ The TATE TANKS contact

UPDATE ON OTHER PROJECTS: Yes, I am still writing my first novel, haven’t yet assimilated a book of poetry and have failed to paint any church ceilings.If you would like my mind on your project: I make, listen, learn, look and love with many folk, from Vogue to the BBC, international corporations and cool individuals.
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  1. it could be shared non-commercially, but antehor person who used it interpreted differently than the original photographer’s intent. The person who blogged this was the photographer but she said that because she set the license she was willing to accept antehor person’s interpretation of the image.Too bad I don’t know where that was, I would’ve shared it. But it’s antehor thing to think about. Would you have let somebody use an image, even if they were not violating the CC license, but maybe you didn’t agree with the context they were using it?Food for thought


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