Baby love me ’cause I’m playing on the radio

Great to be behind a big sexy mic on Sundays, 3-4pm with Art Saves Lives on ResonanceFM, 104.4FM ( or via iTunes Radio, appropriately filed under Eclectic).

Guests from this first show are Darian Christian, talking about his film, Breakin’ The Cycle, Brooke Star, poet, singer and daughter of *some* legendary footballer, Hassan Craftz, future media maestro and rapper.  Also She (Katrina) – great poet, and fellow wordsmith, King Soloman.

Joining me on the mic are the playwright, artist and director of Art Saves Lives, DEAN STALHAM, and his occasional writing buddy, David Frederick.  Dean’s cousin, Lee Stalham also makes an appearance on the show.

I love my radio – more than Taffy – I went back to college to study it after DJing around the world, it worked, I got a Sony Award for one of the documentaries I made with BBC Current Affairs.  My first job in radio was when I was about 14, on the pirate station, Fantasy FM.  Naughty.


Art Saves Lives is a not-for-profit arts organisation dedicated to providing inspirational and inclusive arts experiences for disadvantaged and underprivileged young artists internationally – I got involved with them after I was invited to perform at one of their events in London.

[Photo by Stephanie Correll]

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