Tate Britain, Label

Super-pleased to present a new
series of images at Tate Britain.

You are invited to join us on a spirited quest to explore questions of identity and belonging. Amidst pumping bass lines and crowd mayhem, LABEL will explore the one question that has intrigued mankind for centuries: “Who am I?”

Label: Family Old, Family New, Who Am I? Exhibition as part of Tate Collectives – Great British Art Debate showing UK, Iceland, Finnish, American and other international creatives with artist Tracey Moberly in projected installation.

Saturday 24th November at Tate Britain 1-5pm

LABEL is curated by Tate Collective as part of the Great British Art Debate. What does Britishness mean to you? Join this audacious retort to stereotypical ideas about Britishness.

Here’s the scrawl I began from. I will upload a Videm version shortly.

Videm – definition: series of pictures/video/poem.

Family Is A Nite Out Along The Branches of A Starlit Glade

Family is a fallen manor

A service gardener
A quad-grandson of a preacher man
A loan shark
A builder
A teacher
A farmer
A librarian
A potion pusher
A family fantasy // fallacy

A mother
A father
A brother

A rigger A writer A lover A lawyer
An artist A daughter

I am black as a flock of sheep

I am mexican I am manx I am blonde I am white I am scottish

I am crazed
I am straight
Sometimes ambidextrous

I am early. I am late

I’ve walked a thousand mountains and fallen down more
I’ve sailed ships around the world
I’m related to Ford
Grace Darling the Starling chirped for me
My grandfathers wars were all different you see

I was rich
I was poor
They robbed
They won
My family is yours
My family is higher than sun

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Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Funded & Great British Art Debate



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