The transmission almost from the end of the world – yes, the Mayan calendar is upon us and on the dancefloor of Shoom last nite (the 25th anniversary of the club founded by Danny and Jenny Rampling which gave birth to a movement bigger than any of us, ACID HOUSE) it felt like an apocalyptic wake for past times – GRAVE IS THE NU RAVE – never go back, said the mods – I hate mods, so stupidly conformist with their Weller-cuts, I shall forever be a rocker – K-RoKa was my DJ moniker -and that ROCKER comes from a deal I struck with DJ Fee (fashion designer, Fiona Doran) when we started playing records out –  we would not let our gender sell our music.  The spirit of punk rock lives on.  As does the retro-modernism of the mods – yes, alright – take your franking machine –  rip it up to start again.  Last nite, with the Art Saves Lives performances by all manner of folk at the party at Blacks which took us til midnite (pre-Shoom)- never has it been so much in my headlights that the importance of NOW is to create NEW work – pastiches are for pastry shops.

The ART SAVES LIVES party had the most genuine poetry vibe I’ve ever experienced – a rapt audience got all kind of voices between some fab acoustic sets.  I was proud to introduce all manner of folk.  Felt like a right Joolz Holland.  Got to check in to see how much was raised in the art auction, feat. work by Grayson Perry, Jeremy Deller, Duggie Fields, myself and many more.  Master of ceremonies on that was Robert Pereno, whose film, The Promoter, also played.

I played a short set on vinyl with my fiancee, Alex Snelling of Slack Alice Films – we took it back with a lil Sabres of Paradise, Afro Dizziac, Adeva, Beastie Boys – man – at Shoom it was so lovely to hear Alfredo – he did a top mixed bag (we used to play together at Manumission, Ibiza).

So, back to the radio show – the penultimate ART SAVES LIVES show which I’ve had great pleasure to co-host, and be Resident Poet for.  This transmission’s guests include:  Kelli Ali (former Sneaker Pimp), Erik Stein – Cult With No Name, the beat 22 year poet, JJ, the grindcore jazz band, George Caplan Presents, the goth folk band, Gallows Ghost, poetry from Anna Savage & Stu from Pig7 and Marie Guise-Williams


Kirsty Allison by David Kilburn

Pic by the magnificent preservationist David Kilburn

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