Farewell Resonance FM!

At the end of 2012, I’m bidding adieu to a fab radio series on Resonance FM -produced by Art Saves Lives’ Dean Stalham. It’s been double-double good to get behind the mic, read a few poems and interview all manna of guests.


This last show starred the bullet which is Penny Arcade (a teen Superstar from Warhol’s factory, currently in town with her performance of Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! at The Albany SE8) she did a performance with Komla – who played a few tracks from their forthcoming EP, produced by Paul Reeve who’s been working with Muse. I shall remember it til the Alzheimer’s kicks in.

Also in the studio, pagan rock, post-Devo-ers, SNAPPED ANKLES. Love them.

And Wolfgang Mostl and co from Mile Me Deaf, Sex Jams and the 9 Volt Batteries. Oh yes.

Twas a pleasure.

Later. X

And if you want to read the lines I didn’t have time to perform:

I got home LATE last nite
No keys
No cash: No hotel
No one in
No broken glass
My neighbours hate that smash, reminds them of Angolan past
My phone dead
i walked like I’d once walked in Dublin
Passing a line of underagers posing
I went to an all nite bar
Irish cursing fizzing with the Stella
Losing looks wellah wellah
Pair of greasy lesbians wearing grey hoodies
Foul mouths singing Christmas cheer
Too drunk to work the electronic jukebox
I plugged my phone in, put off beer
I called up people who were not there
Walked home, unsure
Slipped past my campervan
Blonde enough to leave it open
In a loud, London street
Climbed in
Turned on the gas
Into the wild i used sun reflectors to fend the ice away, growing down the glass
Homeless near so close to slip
Pulled out the bed
Sheets inside the house
My black mohair shawl around me
As the gas flicked out


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