The Fall, the crane and biting Gary Numan’s hand

Listening to The Fall – hearing more online now than I’d ever heard at 20 or 21 when we put this together for Scene- the style magazine I used to edit on in the grunge days.

Mark E Smith had a girl with him (not Brix), I pinned up her drooping hem after he’d sunk about 9 pints in Finch’s on Portobello Road. They’d taken an early train down from Manchester. We had to get Smith drunk to get him into Jocelyn Bain-Hogg, the photographer’s studio- he’d dealt speed from the doorway years before and it brought back bad memories.

Already that day he’d thrown a window cleaner around atop a crane from the base control in Canelot Studios and bitten Gary Numan’s hand.

The PR, Bernard MacMahon told me Mark paid his band members a weekly wage. Few lasted long.

I’d like to see him play soon, and meet him again, having understood his music better.



One thought on “The Fall, the crane and biting Gary Numan’s hand”

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