TRASH TOURS – travel writing

I’ve been places.

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Many of my cuts have been left in the 20th century – on the pre-digital slow train – alongside Lacroix dresses, a record box or two and a few empty bottles…

A fellow professor was interested in some of my old travel writing – in about ’95-’96 I worked as a travel ed for Dan Kahuna.  Anywhere I could get to with other people paying for it.  With Lee Bullman as my wingman, we toured Europe, did Paris Fashion Week (our first date), the next issue was maybe Munich (doubling up on my TV presenting duties), later gigs included a sex tour of Amsterdam, staying in the John & Yoko Hilton.  Neither Lee or I died, surprisingly.

These are a few travel cuts from the digital age:

A hybrid travel/design piece…
I styled the copy to follow the Q&A house style of Dazed, but also wanted to incorporate several interviews…
The grammar on this is appalling. I wasn’t paid for it and wrote it on the plane back from Tokyo.
I used the same trip for stories in Dazed & The Guardian, but made this lil film for Creative Review:
Cannes – as an indie film producer:

2014-01-25 10.24.03

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