Digital Mondrian, London

The artist formerly known at K-ROCKA went digital, 29.04.15 at the London launch party for the incredible How The Light Gets In PhilosOPhy festival, which runs aside Hay Literary Festival, 21-31 May.  This feat of tech-transgression from DJing with vinyl was guided by one badass rockchick, Kristy Harper at the Mondrian’s Rumpus Rooms overlooking the city of London.  Thank you, Kristy, may light shine on your path.

Rumpus Rooms rooftop Kirsty Allison
The artist formerly known as K-ROCKER on the Rumpus Rooms rooftop

I put together a mix on Garageband for the event, live-ramping some of it up, and used a laptop and phone on two channels with a mixer (demonstrating extreme heights of DJ skillz – ha) – everything from the Dracula-inspired Kelli Ali x Ozymandias to an assortment of Feral is Kinky, Major Lazer (of course) and haaaawt new demos from Gil De Ray & ‎Ösp Eldjárn.  Also paid tribute to the recently departed, Alan Wass.

I love the Mondrian Hotel – Tom Dixon bronzes everywhere.  Situated in Sea Containers House, this area has a special place in my heart, as it’s where I first got a gig as a journalist in my teens – IPC Tower is now being converted into luxury flats.


The walk along the Southbank always makes me feel like the whole of my life is ahead, at 21 or 22 I had an office in a newspaper office with a Thames view.  One of the many things I’ve lost.  Looking out to the dark river, I always feel a tinge of LIVE NOW – as it’s where my schoolfriend Mandy Wright’s father was taken by the Thames whilst in a boat with a secret lover.  Mandy, sadly, fell after, from a window, tragically, 20 years ago.  RIP.

BUT BEYOND DEATH – I take every opportunity to live a distinguished life – so had the pleasure of joining the Schrager legend on the Southbank for my birthday (back in Pisces season) at the Mondrian Hotel.  (Ian Schrager co-founded the only disco of the 70s, Studio 54, before moving into the hotel business.)

THIS PLACE – Agua Bathhouse + Spa – is less of a hang out, more of an urban treatment rehab.  Likely faster than 28 days and promises to die for.  Feet up, newspapers, placed under crisp, hotel-starched duvet.  HEAVEN.  Best massage I’ve had in London, thank you Motoko.  Think it’s called the Guru treatment,  personalised mix of essential oils after a consultation.  AND I AM ALL ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS.

Agua Bathhouse and Spa Kirsty Allison
Normal face

It’s a copper funnel funhouse – Clockwork Orange, sci-fi modernism in the basement – and they brought me cake – I AM A ROLLOVER.  That’s Mr Kirsty reading the FT.  He also had a Guru, to whom he shall return.  High praise.FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

Inferno - Kent Baker
Inferno, backstage at the first Dante show – Kent Baker
The lovely Lou Winwood at Inferno, Foyles, 19.03.2015
The lovely Lou Winwood at Inferno, Foyles, 19.03.2015

Birthday shenanigans continued at Foyles’s bookshop for the launch for a McQueen book published by Olly Walker (I interviewed him on Resonance FM about his previous stencil art book).  And onwards via a classic pub on Tin Pan Alley (AKA Denmark Street), and further into the Thursday night with the cabaret of darlings at Hoi Polloi.

Hoi Polloi
Cabaret darlings of Hoi Polloi

Also had a lil get together at Vout O Reenee’s – the members’ club run by Sophie Parkin, who wrote the book on the Colony Rooms, which I had long coveted, and was kindly gifted, alongside membership.  Vive Sophie,  and all like her.   And the wonderful friends able to join us…

K_Voot  968

ROCK CHICKS - Kirsten Telfer-Beith, Erika Ts, Nina Pall

Lilith 'Lagerfeld' Bussfeld, Nickque Patterson

Kate Clews & Melanie Sturge

Sam Dayeh, Rebecca Minney-Bartels

Kirsten Telfer-Beith, Fiona Cartledge

K_Voot  969

K_Voot  974

K_Voot  1112

K_Voot  981

K_Voot  1007

K_Voot  1014

K_Voot  1020

K_Voot  1176


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