Scandal at Manumission


Mike and Claire Manumission are infamous for first shagging live on stage in Paris in the 90s, and continuing the tradition at Privilege, in Ibiza – the biggest club there, where audiences of 15 000 were regular, every Sunday night.  Their shows were a spectacle of imagination, with fetishes for all tastes, guided by the most beautiful dancers on the planet.

I played in the backroom, with Kris Needs, and friends from Primal Scream and writers such as Irvine Welsh and Howard Marks.

DSC03100From the days when I was known as K-RoKA  – and that’s Jade Jagger all bound up…

On NYE it was a total honour to be invited to go all 50s guitar twang, and play aside friends and accomplished folk such as Paco Fernandez, Mark Moore, Feral is MC Kinky, Richard Norris, Andy Carroll,  and see the wondrous Polly Fey and Johnny Golden.  Shoreditch House put on one hell of a party, with piles of lobster, and mountains of cake, and it was good to be closer to the legendary NYE fireworks.  The hosts, my dear compadres, part of my Ibizan fam, Mike n Claire Manumission are forever inspiring.  Claire’s vision and Mike’s will to enable his queen’s desires have always been their magic. Their creative connection is fabulous.  As are their shows and parties.  There’s always sleaze, in the best taste, but it’s balanced with Claire’s pure panache and class.  They had the Royal Ballet perform before jumping into the pool at midnight.  What fun times we have had, from Cannes film festival to the summer living in the Manumission Motel, a former whorehouse near Ibiza Town, replete with waterbeds, for the resident DJs, and dancers (separately, always, of course).  Wild times.  The music never stopped, and the bar rarely closed.



More gin, doctor?





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