Kirsty Allison: Sylvia Plath Fan Club

February 11, 2016

What inspired you to put together the Sylvia Plath Fan Club?

I wanted a home for people with a bit of integrity, and rock n roll, the true meaning of literature.  Sylvia Plath is a very loose icon for the night – she’s not a literal paragon; people are surprised when folk from all worlds come together to celebrate lyrics, writing and words of all sorts – we had Mussolini come down to the last one and perform his final speech.  Lisa Moorish has read lyrics, Gail Porter’s tried out bits from her forthcoming memoir…I like to make films for people who have performed.  We’ll start playing those back.  It’s good to play some records too.  The place it happens in is important, people have to feel comfortable as it’s kinda naked doing words without music, the way we listen is important too, it has to feel easy.  Words offer light, through the darkness,  I like the space to reflect that…it’s about words all ways.  Words always.  Words against the silence of voices.  The outside world may be fucked, so let’s create our own.  I’m a total aesthete like that.  I think short bursts work well from a variety of voices.  Like a cool magazine – as a writer, it’s always about the way different people speak, I’ve been transcribing people’s dialogues for years – everyone speaks differently, I love that, but I hate slams, sure they encourage perfection but it’s not about that, it’s not a competition, it’s about appreciation, and unity, through words…

What do you consider to be the perfect environment for writing?

It’s in the soul, primarily.  I do some of my best work in bed.  Ha.  Relaxed.  I have a decent desk too.  It’s solid.  I get synesthesia, so there’s only some music I can write to, but having written professionally since a teen, I can do it anywhere.  I write on my phone, wherever I can.  I think having a pen or a keypad is like having a cunt, you’ve always got it on you – it’s how you use it that counts.

Name three Instagram accounts we should be following.



I also like @MakeBlackOutPoetry

What are the top three items on your bucket list?

My bucket is happily on its own experiential bucket list experience, without me – I think it’s on holiday, or washed out to sea – I’ve lived so many lives, I can’t keep up with dreams – it’s one long and beautiful trip, making the most of every day.  Of late, that’s been more about trusting inward than outward.  So that would be top, then remembering the bucket is the journey, then being switched ON in the bucket.

What can we except from the upcoming event at LIBRARY?

It’s gonna be hot.  It’s London Fashion Week, and I’m launching my first ever magazine at the club.  It’s called COLD LIPS.  I am super excited. Amazing line-up.  It’ll be a fun!

Kirsty Allison is bringing her already legendary Sylvia Plath Fan Club to LIBRARY on Monday 22 February 2016. 

The all-star line up includes:
Justin Cartwright
Tony White
Johny Brown (Band of Holy Joy)
Zoe Howe
And residents: Kirsty Allison, Anne McCloy & Gary Fairfull…

Members RSVP | Non-members may purchase a ticket here


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