Soho Radio

Carl Loben, my dear ed at DJ Mag, where I edit films, books and arts, invited me into the show he was covering for Eddy Temple Morris…

He wanted me to speak about culture – I wrote the words below in response, which I read over the top of a new Daniel Avery mix of Soft Bounce by Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve…


Bass field

Treble sky

Dance or die

At the convention

Marquee curtains

Hangar Steppenwolf doors

Four to the floor

Wanna live all night


Infernal dayglo

To down below

The tweaking Underground

With the smoke and the writers and the bartakers and drugsellers

Poppy myths

Rock hits

Reluctant indie conscripts

Toking chancers

Dance wonderland

Taking it

Cashing the cheque

Kulture couture encounters

Nailing all to its cross

Stone us

Shoot us

Put Targets on our backs


You gotta be selling something

Poisoned soul

Nuked by the Voice of other people

MK Ultra

Old show


Perception narrows

Locked up

System maintained

Do not restrain

The right

To dance in your own light

Wear a

Cloak of fright

Stabilise the kool aid of sobriety

With offline rebellion

In Fake society

Destruction is necessary

In the fight

To stay free all night

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