SPACESUITS ARE GO! Ā Honour and a pleasure to be asked to float the astral planes on stageĀ at the Portobello Live finale on Monday at Subteranea.

Ledge sonic astronaut Martin Glover aka Youth (bassist with Killing Joke, producer of everything from Naked in the Rain, to The Verve’s Urban Hymn, n back via Primal Scream, The Orb, Paul McCartney)Ā performed with Gaudi (who’s a regular on Alex Paterson’s WNBC radio)Ā backed by Maf and Ned Scot of prog ambienteers, The EggĀ (new album coming v soon), with Steve ‘Marineboy’ Norris on guitar, and some talented strings – a cellist and violinist. Ā And I guested with some raps…



Previous space odyssey collabs between Youth and Gaudi can be heard here.

More classical ambient beauty from Youth here.

Thanks to Gil De Ray for filming. x

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