Kirsty Allison is from London.  Psychomachia is her debut novel.
It’s about a girl in the 90s who can’t remember if she killed a man, or not.

She began writing for Loaded, Elle, NME and Dazed as a teenager, and was quickly presenting on television and DJing around the world. With awards for indie film, radio documentary and copywriting, she started working in poetry to break up commercial styles. Her cult debut novel, Psychomachia (set in 90s Shoreditch) was published by Wrecking Ball Press during Covid and she receives messages from new readers regularly. She served as editor-in-chief of Ambit magazine 2020-2023, after starting the Sylvia Plath Fan Club nights in 2015 and Cold Lips press in 2016 whilst also working as an honorary professor and arts editor on DJMag.  She has performed at some of the best venues in the world.  She records as Vagrant Lovers.

She is working on further books, music, and currently lives in Peckham.
She blogs at the Substack below.



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