Kirsty Allison. Poet, writer, journalist, artist, filmmaker.

IMG_9656Kirsty is editor & publisher of Cold Lips, founder of the Sylvia Plath Fan Club, and the Books, Film and Arts editor at DJ Magazine.  You can buy her first collection of poetry, Kirsty Allison: Unedited here.  She is a regular chair of panels, and frequent host and guest on radio.  Growing up in the media and nightclubs, it was following the participation in an exhibition called Label at the Tate Modern, where she showed a film which explored digital identity, she decided to eschew labelling herself.  This was a few years ago.

First published as a teenager on Loaded magazine when it was winning awards every lunchtime, she was soon freelancing widely, for titles including NME, Dazed, Vogue, Scene and The Guardian. Modelling for friends, by 19 she was presenting on TV in the UK and across Europe, by 22 she had a DJ-band with Kris Needs and Irvine Welsh, with a residency at the infamous Manumission Motel.
After a belated first-class degree which encouraged her to be trans-disciplinary, she set up the video on Marie Claire, following early video commissions from Dazed and Creative Review.

She has awards for BBC radio documentary (Sony, R2, Second Summer of Love) and independent film (Tantric Tourists/Slack Alice Films, East End Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale, Hawaii, Mexico, Nevada).

In 2014 she wrote the non-fiction Making Something Out Of Nothing book for Shoreditch’s Red Gallery.  Her debut novel is set to be released in 2017.
She regularly contributes art to charity, and her short-story art has displayed in the Oscar Neimeyer in Sao Paulo, and elsewhere.  Her fiction and poetry has been published by Ambit, Book Club Boutique, Katalogue, Lazy Gramophone and 3:AM.  You can buy Cold Lips and other products here.

“Kirsty Allison combines the cerebral with the carnival…” The Sunday Times’ Style Magazine

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