Cold Lips 04 + launch party

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Please come and celebrate the best edition yet…

FRIDAY 27th April at London Fields Brewhouse

Entry from a fiver includes the magazine (RRP: £100), and ace music and poetry.

I began putting together the features last year.  It’s the kinda thing I’d like to read… designed by the beautifully talented  Personality Crisis who is now on a jet plane!

cold_lips_4_final_apr18 SMALL

Entry includes the new summer edition


THE FAT WHITE FAMILY’S ADAM J HARMER and his one man destruction show

Greta Bellamacina, Robert Montgomery

Stuart McKenzie, Ana Seferovic

Kirsty Allison (COLD LIPS editor) with Steve Norris on guitar

Chris Rotter

INSIDE, on the sexy paper: 💥Anti-fashion by Carl Fox ✨Duggie Fields on Syd Barrett (whose Madcap Laugh album inspired the cover shoot with Greta + Robert) 🔥 In the studio with Billy Childish 💥Malik Ameer Crumpler (Madison Washington) on hip-hop 👁 Judy Nylon on collaboration 💖Beyonce’s fave: Scooter Laforge – on The Odyssey ⚡Jeffrey Wengrofsky on digital subcultures 💥New poetry from Rob Plath, fiction from David Noone, and Joseph Coward (CXR) 💥Centrefold: Ana Seferovic by Tamara Suskic, and her collab with the painter Sam Hacking
and plenty more fashion, literature, art, music against the world. x


The night also celebrates the release of PERFUME by Gil De Ray… 

Gil Perfume

IMAGINE Roxy Music riding into town on balearic horses, all Clash Magnificent Seven after a few lost weeks at the rock n roll disco.
There’s a ska bassline to take us into the summer. FIYA! 💖




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Shoreditch’s RED is the creative force engaging local communities through facilitation of the continuing Cultural Revolution in the heart of East London.

This versatile, multi-functional space has welcomed a myriad of creativity through its doors since opening in 2010; transforming a derelict group of buildings and unused land into chameleon like art studios, galleries, live events venues, offices, screening rooms, open air event setting, incorporating a street food market and bars.

In keeping with its ethos of cultural guardianship, RED has actively encouraged not only artists and local residents to engage with the facilities, schools such as St Monica’s Primary have utilised the space and in keeping with their continued commitment to communitas, RED plays host to an annual symposium of the religious arts initiative Urban Dialogues, bringing together people from all faiths.

A year in the making, MAKING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING documents elements of the magic that takes place behind the doors (and often on the walls) of RED through interviews and photographs.

To celebrate the launch RED will be hosting a photographic exhibition and in keeping with its anti-hegemonic practice, 2000 copies of the book will be distributed at the launch.

Additional commentary from visionaries such as Stirling Ackroyd’s James Goff, Tom Burger Bear – one of the chefs who led Time Out! to dub Red Market as being the birthplace of ‘the new food revolution’, curators and artists such as Alice Herrick of Herrick Gallery, Jerwood Prize winning Svetlana Fialova, Paul Sakoilsky, Chris Bianchi, Matthew Hawtin of Minus, former street artist, Part2ism,Dimitri Hegemann of Tresor Berlin, trends author Dr. Lida Hujic , fashion designers: Roggykei, patron Nick Winter, Stephen Shashoua of 3 Faiths Forum, music consultant: Juan Leal, Gary Means’ Alternative London street art tours and more.



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See, I always thought it was D, C, G…



and I’d been led to believe this appeared in the punk fanzine, Sniffin’ Glue – but it was actually published first in another fanzine called Sideburns…

(Sniffin’ Glue closed after 14 issues with the sentiment: ‘Don’t be satisfied with what we write. Go out and start your own fanzine.’)

Your house is my acid house: flyers 💊❤️✌️

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A myth about graphic designers is that they’re sticklers of aesthetics and masters of finding the ultimate font, aren’t they?

They know how to rock a retentive margin. And their pencils are always needle sharp, and in a nicely OCD-straight line. Most def a tonne more file-conscious and organised than the paint-brush wielding crazies who took the less financially instantaneous pathway at art college – under the belief they were secret Hirsts, but better. It’s an old fashioned belief that fine artists hold the higher ground of insanity. It’s a pre-pop assumption that they refuse to sell out to capitalist normality and they have ‘chosen’ to live in their mother’s shed with a Dan Flavin light, making shit video installations about mice being their best friends from the city they have been rejected from, or they’ll solve world peace by forming sculptures out of coffee grinds in the shape of Africa.

Yeah – I came to this realisation when putting together this catalogue for a show about acid house flyers. Although the curator, Ernesto Leal had done the groundwork, tracking down these heroes of rave art, a collection of the first rave wave of designs, it took ’some time’ to co-ordinate the facts of this posteriturial research (posterity/curatorial – yes, basically a timeline) – these designers were rock n roll…

*Ease on by…*

– under the echoes of the utterances of acid house, always said between gurns and rushes upon rave fields of yore – Where are you from? What are you on? (obviously my answer would always be that I was from the school bus and I was on my way home) – we EVENTUALLY agreed on the dates and places and facts of these MDMA artifacts.

One love.

[please click the blue Issuu link below if the artwork doesn’t show in your browser]

Creative direction for the poster was by Wilhelm Finger at Double Decker – – always a dream to work with.

My bag doth protest

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ATHENS: beautiful day philosophising with Vassilis Haralambidis who runs Bios – soon opening a new space, in an edgier area, continuing his natural propagation of cultural agendas.

We first met when I was writing about the Design Walk for Dazed.








He’s creating workspaces and a union of designers from all fields. They also have a great bar and club for performances etc.

It all fits with the whole Something Out Of Nothing concept that we’re articulating at Red Gallery in Shoreditch, London.

On the plane to Belgrade after, I found these in the airport magazine, which I adore:

Yannis Karlopoulos demo bag



These geezers bonded over Fasolada westerns – Greek bean soupers – spaghetti for Olympians – high quality Greek productions with classic soundtracks by Vangelis and Yiannos Spanos.


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In January I quested to Arcosanti, the commune founded by Paolo Soleri in the 70s –  driving an RV down from San Fran along Big Sur, rocks in the road, rocks in the road – turnaround – rocks in the road – after Henry Miller’s library, before Est – the institute of calm – rocks in the road – moon craters – to HOLLYWOOD – where we burnt the sky, lived by Malibu, and by whales, and Mulholland, over the grid lights  –  diving from Chateau Marmont in the early lick of the Cali sun.  To Palm Springs and Gram Parsons – and the Joshua Tree – to MECHICO – and BEYOND – and San Diego and Phoenix and the Grand Canyon and Vegas, baby.

But the place that our friend on Wonderland Avenue, the son of an architect, had suggested melted sci-fi 70s progressive commune ideas as concrete circles and light tubes and PERFECTION.  The prog-haus of Cosanti – the school founded by Paolo Soleri – is like the Barbican but DIY – the South Bank but rooted to branch.  I bought my father a bell in perfect pitch – the souvenirs that chime around the world to Soleri’s memory forever.  He died today, age 93.


26 photographs waiting to be taken

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Knickers.  It’s what makes or breaks an outfit.  

This dress is soooo freaking amazing, I’m not gonna show it to the blog until I can get a decent photograph of it.  My web cam is not up to the job.  But darlings, a million people have been taking my picture in it (yeah, alright, I wore it to Seb Horsley’s thing last night too)…but it’s so good, I had to wear it again today. Pictured here, on the roof of Shoreditch House, Alexander McQueen dress, shades by Oliver Peoples (there’s a story to them, another time perhaps), earrings from a charity shop. I had lunch in Shoreditch House with Tyrone Walker-Hebborn from Genesis Entertainment, and the Genesis Cinema near Whitechapel tube (the only 5 screen indie in London, I think, possibly the country).  We hadn’t seen each other since Cannes, schweedie. There’s a lovely story about the cinema and why Tyrone owns it – his mum and dad went there on their first dates, named their son after a movie star, Tyrone someone or other, then after grafting in the family roofing business, Tyrone came down from his ladder, and bought the place.  He’s now sold the roofing business but will go far higher.  Nice evening too, met some great people, caught up with others from yonks ago at a launch for Create -promoting arts across five East London boroughs, co-ordinated by a fabulous chick, Anna Doyle.  Got a cab home and had a kebab for dinner.   Classy.

Day 24, zzzz, more tea gaga?


Dull stinky London day, wore flip-flops and it rained, gross.  Oil slick toes.  Chillsome evening, drinking tea. My week ahead has more layers than a multi-storey carpark.

Yellow smock/mini-dress, bought in a boutique on the road in Thailand, I remember the super sweet cakes more than the name of the place. Sorry place, you were a nice place.  The earring was given as a pendant when I used to really dig everything dragon-y.  It came from San Francisco.  The cup is from Northern India.  The patchwork cushion is part of the Rock Baby Roll collection, when many friends where shooting out babies a while ago I made them patchwork blankets to try and catch them with.

Day 18s and over only

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Up the nylon carpeted stairs of 71 St John Street, past the PYMCA and Espionage offices is the new Biba.  The Mrs Jones Emporium provides salvage to rock stars and rockette starlets, from Paloma Faith to Kylie.  With a plastic flower strewn roof garden, living-room style hairdressing salon, and full transform-your-lifestyle kit shop, you have entered the entrancing world of my pal Fee Doran (aka Mrs Jones).  It’s a mantric chamber to leather, feathers, silks and tails.

There are clothes (many have been worn by musicians, various designers), interiors (brilliant collabs with furniture maker Louis Baker and others), alongside various art (including gorgeous Indian god prints by Crazy Girl),  It’s pure Mr Ben.  Fee’s style is the best amalgam of magpie vintage, from Woodstock to Studio 54, Essex hairdresser to Shepherd’s Bush Market.  I love her, and her dog, Ruffles, or something, currently sporting  orange tiger stripes.  Fully recommended.  Prices start at £7, for an eggcup reading ‘you’re doing my head in’There’s a full story with Mrs Jones that I did a while ago here… (you’ll have to root around between other interviews all done for

Also on my travels today, fell into Darkwave on Lamb’s Conduit Street.  Inspiring interiors.  After a peppermint tea in The Bloomsbury Lounge I went to a lesbian moustache convention, sorry, a poetry gig, read something, then finally got to see Woman E who bring drama to electronica, in a good way.  Rennaisance being my fave track today, with the rap, ‘90s throwback, panic attack’…perhaps.

Woman E.  Putting the E into EuroElectronica.

Today, pictured in the Blooomsbury Lounge of the Perseverance pub on Lamb’s Conduit Street, wearing: Alpuharran poncho, available in good tourist shops in the mountains near Orgiva, Spain.  Aubergine leather boots, McQueen.  Catsuit, American Apparel.

A lady looking for freedom in Hoxton a few nights ago

Cooler than a smack sorbet, John Foxx, playing his Analogue show on Saturday.

See post, Day 15, White Out at the Roundhouse

Louis Eliot and the Embers: from last night, my mum would like it too.  R2, get on it!

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