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Rob Doyle x Kirsty Allison, Berlin COLD LIPS

Recorded September 2020, on a balcony in the east, looking down towards the spree river with Berghain between.  I’m sitting with Rob Doyle, the author of my favourite book so far this year, Threshold.  It's published in the UK and the US by Bloomsbury, so he takes throne as a leader in a new school of digital existentialist modernists, who take a post-millenial ego, and ask questions about the Author’s physical space on the page. Rob Doyle is very tall, he appears at the door wearing a black polo neck and black pegs, looking total jazznik, because later tonight he’ll be on stage with a strain of the Fat White Family in Neukolln, playing percussion at a reassuringly fun evening, where the super-spreading qualities of the flute can be ignored, as we travel in an alt reality, away from the claws that birthed us all. Ex pat life, where universal globalisms of Me Too, BLM, Terf-wars, squish in the Q-Anon malestrom of denial and manipulations of the maleducated grip for sense and logic mean the novel has not felt as relevant and required in counterculture in my lifetime. Threshold sits as a hologram, in an era where the individual is manipulated into the spectrum of hashtag identity politics, and good/bad – like/dislike polarisations mean we are the product, smashed beneath a data-driven duvet in a privatised society. 80% predictable, asking if that too is corrupted as any other statistic,the novel remains relatively data-proof, its nuance its strength, the unsearchable, between the lines facts being far truer than any single sentence or status update. Thanks for listening. I’m making this on Sunday 27 September in Berlin. The music is by Gil De Ray. We’re on a residency in Mitte at the Neurotitan Gallery as guests of the wonderful artist Danielle De Picciotto – whom you can hear a past conversation with in the trenches of all your favourite podcast outlets, via Anchor, Spotify, iTunes, many more, and our own I also share these on, where I gratefully send out thank yous of my new poetry book, Now Is Now, a collection since 007, to paying subscribers. Rob Doyle's Threshold is out now, and the film This Is Ritual is coming soon. Follow him on
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