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Some people earn the tag of legend – and for five decades Derek Ridgers, the London-based photographer has captured the Dark Carnival of the British underworld in our most radical club nights, from Blitz and Skin Two through to today’s Wraith Club.  Growing up in the 60s, and making his name photographing punk clubs, and taking rock shots of the world’s greatests, he is a hero to many working photographers and fans of subculture, alike.   Humble, brilliant, and with a rock n roll gallows humour to match his dark lens, now 70, in this Goth Shop X Cold Lips podcast, it’s a pleasure to have a conversation attempting to span his archive, and talk about voyeurism and documenting the cultural politics of the underground. Derek Ridgers stands alone in his preservation of the fleeting expressions of the night.   His limited silver bromide and C-type signed and numbered Derek Ridgers Editions are available via the wonderfully curated Goth Shop:
  1. GOTH SHOP X COLD LIPS with Derek Ridgers
  2. Rob Doyle x Kirsty Allison, Berlin
  3. Danielle De Picciotto x Kirsty Allison
  4. Mehmet Sander with Kirsty Allison
  5. Dave Randall with Kirsty Allison